Leopard 2A6 Tank

German Leopard 2A6 Tank
This model is set up to be rigged with the tracks and suspension as well as look exactly like it does here in UE4. I played with the highmaps and AO to create depth in areas where mesh topology could be used. The radiator vents and metal grates were created with hightmaps and AO in the inset spaces. I used a combination of Low-Low poly baking on parts that already had beveled edges, for more complex parts I did a high-low bake and combined the normals.
The non-slip grippy texture on the top of the tank turret and on the body was hand painted. I noticed on my reference images some weathered and dirty 2A6's had varying levels of light dirt, loose dirt, caked on mud, and some sand. I used some procedural rain effects in places where the water would run down the panels and clear off the light dirt. On top of the turret when the gun barrel moves up I included the metal scraping that's evident on all the tanks.
61k Tris
(1) 4096x4096
(2) 2048x2048
Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3